Perfect Day – Drew & Apple wedding

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I had my own wedding blog which documented our whole wedding preparation, but sadly, I lost it as it was only registered through a shared domain and the site does not exist anymore. Good thing I had backed up some of the entries I made, so here it goes… (Note that the rates indicated here are for 2012).

Wedding budget, tips and other things

When we started the whole wedding planning, both Drew and I were clueless. We started from scratch. We didn’t have savings (we have investment but we didn’t want to sacrifice it). At first we thought, we could pull off a big wedding with a budget of P100,000. As I begin to research, that’s when I realized, with all the things I wanted to include, P100,000 was too small.

I started budgeting. I have a monthly expected cashflow excel file that I started monitoring. I talked to Drew how much he was willing to shell out, and I also set the maximum amount I would be willing to put into our “wedding budget.” We didn’t ask our parents to contribute for anything. As much as possible, we want this to be our baby, our pride. We wanted to prove something – that we were really ready for this.

I talked to my friends about our plan to get married. That was I think mid-January 2012. Ida immediately volunteered to shoulder the souvenirs. And with much persuasion, Vikka, Myza and Veah agreed to shoulder the cake.

I have set my mind from the start that the things that I would prioritize and shell out a little extra from our budget would be photos, videos, food and my shoes (reason why I opted for a gown with a slit).

After our wedding, a lot of people had been approaching us on how much budget we set for a wedding like ours. I really want to be a big help for the future brides and grooms out there. Yes we could have had a simpler wedding, we could have foregone some of the wedding “wants”, but this is a once in a lifetime event (atleast for me). So to give you an idea, here is the breakdown of our expenses.


P25,000 (I wouldn’t recommend our venue, just because they gave me a lot of headache during the wedding day. Imagine they charged us P1,500 for a ladder so that our caterers could put up the swags. P1,500 for a freakin’ ladder! So unreasonable! We fully paid the venue as early as February 2012, and we didn’t get any credit for it, even just for them to lend us the ladder for free. Good thing I came to know this after the wedding already, or my day could be ruined. There were other things as well, but it just makes me cringe to reminisce.)


P38,000 (video coverage + SDE + wedding teaser video). Now Alt-x offers only one package for P60,000 which they started November 2012. We booked them in February 2012, so we had a price lock.

Our SDE wedding video


P25,000 (2 photographers + magazine type album). This was a promotion we got during one of the wedding expos Drew attended and it was already a good deal.

P15,000++ (back up and prenup photos, incl prenup venue)


P170,000 (food + event styling + bridal car + flowers + sounds + lights + gazebo + swags + tokens), Originally it was P150,000 for 150 guests but our guests ballooned to 180 and we had to pay extra for the suppliers’ food.

SOUVENIR: Flipbook                                   

P11,500 (We got this in Deal Grocer. Their regular rate is at P14,000)

Mobile Bar: SHAKERS BIG PUNCH                                                           

P11,000 (sponsored by my brother)

Cake: JUDY USON-THE CAKE ARTIST                                                                      

c/o VJACKS (including mini cake as souvenirs)


P6,750 (for 150 wedding invitations)

Tokens: Bateel Chocolates, Bahrain       

P10,000++ est (Chocolates as tokens for our Ninangs and suppliers)


OTD (BELLEVUE, ALABANG): P7,000 for 2 deluxe rooms (We booked this in travel expo so this was really a great deal, plus we got a free upgrade to suite because of my SS, Marife through her friend Krissa who is working at Bellevue)

After wedding (CRIMSON, ALABANG): Sponsored by my parents.


Over P10,000 but less than P15,000 (Drew and I have separate stylist. He got his friend Ian, senior stylist at David’s Salon, and I got my friend Grace Copon. Ian styled atleast 10 heads, Grace and her hairdresser styled atleast 6 heads. Grace used airbrush for me, so we personally think we got a good deal for HMUP as they are our friends. Airbrush is airbrush.)


Free (They are my good friends)

Entourage Suit Rental: GARDINI, PQUE                                

P10,000 est (12 heads)

Entourage Gowns: MELBA MOLDEZ                                        

P25,000 est (Includes FG, BM, SS, Mother of Groom’s gowns)

MOH & MOB Gown: JANE NORMAN                                     

P8,000++ est  (RTW bought in Bahrain)

Bridal Gown + Groom’s Suit: DELIA ACOSTA                       

P28,000 (with complete bridal accessories)

 Bride & Groom’s Shoes : SERGIO ROSSI

atleast P20,000 est


P12,000 (This has been really helpful so as much as possible, if you have the extra budget, book a coordinator. Big thanks to them especially to Kath and Anton. They were calm during the wedding. Anton who was assigned to me made sure that I have eaten before the ceremony. )

Wedding Rings: SUAREZ



atleast P20,000 est (This includes tips, fares, etc.)

Honeymoon: BANGKOK, THAILAND & SIEM REAP, CAMBODIA                                   

atleast P25,000 est:


So you see, wedding could really be costly (depending on the bride and groom’s preferences.) So if you have been invited in one, feel privileged. The couple went under a lot of stress to break down the guest list. And please, for heaven’s sake, DO RSVP!!


Plan the outflow! The term given to us by our caterer was P25,000 down, remaining 2 weeks before the wedding. I negotiated with them and insisted to include in the contract our planned outflow because I know for a fact that it would be a huge headache if we’ll pay the remaining amount in full in just one payment. So I set the date and considered our cash inflow. Like for example if you’re expecting a bonus in a particular month, then pay a large portion of the balance on that month.

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