Andrew Terrence

It’s been quite a while since I last updated this blog. While at work, I kept looking at the time, it’s 5pm. Time to go home, but I still don’t want to go home. No urgent work to finish. Desperate, I even googled things to do when bored. And then I remembered my blog.

It has been almost a year when I last posted an entry, and since then I’ve been to couple of places. Nepal. Maldives (again). Japan (again). South Korea. I wanted to re-start with a travel entry, but then something kicked in (literally). So why not start with what’s keeping me busy these days, and the reason I look forward to the next couple of months…

I could still remember clearly everything that happened that day. It was 14 December 2016. I woke up early, went straight to bathroom.

Peed and waited.

The first line appeared, then another line quickly after.

OMG! I’m pregnant.

I just let it sink in me for few minutes. Went out of the toilet and woke Drew up.

“I’m going to be a daddy?” his exact words. “Wag kang feeling, ikaw ba ang ama?

We were both ecstatic. We were trying for few months (3 months to be exact), and we really thought one of us had some fertility issues, because although we weren’t really trying for the past years, we weren’t using contraceptives either.

I took the test because my period was already more than a month late, and although I was hopeful I was pregnant, I still had some reservations. But Drew had a strong feeling that I was pregnant because (that is according to him), my body was giving a different kind of heat leading up to that day.

Perfect timing.

I took a leave from work that day, and went to OB-GYN clinic to confirm. Excited as we were, we announced it the next day through Facebook although I was only 5 weeks that time (unspoken rule is to announce it after your 1st trimester — at 12 weeks when the risk of miscarriage decreases).

The first trimester was difficult for me. I had a roller coaster of emotions. Sometimes I doubt if I was really pregnant because in the ultrasound, my baby looked like a seed. Or just a poop. I felt weak in most days and just wanted to lie and sleep. I was even unproductive at work. This was because, according to the articles I’ve read, of all the changes that has been happening in my body. There was even a time when I had a slight bleeding, and I really thought I could lose the baby.

The second trimester has been really easy so far. My energy went back, and according to Drew, he’s thankful that I am not making my pregnancy difficult for him.

I had no special craving (or what they call “pinaglilihian”). I just want to eat whatever I think I want. But I guess the focus of my “lihi” is my husband, because I always want to see him.

At the start of this journey, I was planning to have a gender reveal party. But my doctor spoiled it for me. I was on my 18th week when we found out our baby’s sex. My doctor didn’t give me a chance to prepare. As soon as she placed the scanner on my belly, she immediately blurted “AY LALAKI!”. I didn’t know how to react. Because what I imagined was it would be gentle and slow, so we could have time to process the news. I didn’t even get to capture Drew’s first reaction, I was busy contemplating on my thoughts. But we were both happy overall.

The fun part of my everyday is when I get to feel my baby with his little kicks. Sometimes I would feel uneasy, especially when he does it while I’m driving or whenever he’s kicking my bladder. But I always want to feel him. It’s like an assurance that he’s doing fine. Drew is also looking forward to it everyday.

I am on my 25th week now, soon entering 3rd trimester. During my very first check up, I was at 43 kgs. Now, I’m 52 kgs. Pregnancy is really amazing. There are times when I think about the day of my delivery, what would be my pain tolerance? I know it would hurt a lot, how would I take it all in? Sometimes I get scared. How will I pee and poop after? Will my slim figure go back? I should buy a good girdle. Then it would transition to, are we going to be good parents? Will we still have a stable income when he starts his schooling? But there are more times that I am just really excited to finally get to see our baby.

I just still couldn’t believe a life is growing inside me. All the changes in my body. All the new experiences I am going through. All these emotions. Everyday has truly been a blessing and a miracle.

And we just couldn’t wait to see the testimony of our very own miracle.

We couldn’t wait to see you, baby Andrew.

baby terrence

Our pouting baby Andrew Terrence.


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