28 Life Goals

Today I’m officially turning 28. Looking back, it may seem that I have come a long way. I’m happily married for almost 3 years now. I’ve traveled to a of lot of places/countries I could only dream of, growing up. People may see my life as one filled with blessings because I have great family, a super loving husband, and a stable career. I’m also active in several of our Church ministries which is very fulfilling because I get to serve God in these simple ways. Believe me, there have been more days when I feel truly blessed but I couldn’t help but sometimes wonder, are these enough?

At 28, I started questioning my choices. The path that I chose traversing seems so muddled. The grass always seems greener on the other side, so they say. There are many things I still want to do. But that is how you make your life more meaningful right? To have actual life goals. So I thought, why not blog about mine, just so I could convince myself to try to turn them into my reality… So here it goes.

1) I really should start considering getting pregnant. Maybe that’s why sometimes, life seems chaotic – Drew and I doesn’t have something serious going on. Know what I mean? Maybe once we have kids, then we’d start ironing out our priorities.

2) I need to change career. Audit is such a stressful job. If I really want to start building my own family, then maybe I should consider moving to a simpler work. But I don’t know how and where to start. It feels that this is the only thing I’m good at because I’ve been in audit for my whole career life, right after I passed the qualification, until now.

3) I should start saving up to have our house in Paranaque renovated (and I mean, building my dream house). That is really my plan.

4) I should get over my past bad experience and get a driving license. Or maybe Drew should start getting one. Why did I bought car in the first place when neither of us have license? Sayang. It seems I paid for nothing.

5) My next target travel destination: US and/or Europe.

6) I should start exercising. I don’t really have a healthy lifestyle.

7) Start considering moving to another country. Japan is on top of our list because life there seems simpler and orderly. I just find it hard because you really need to learn their language to fit in, unlike in Bahrain that it’s fine if you don’t speak Arabic. Most people here knows English anyway.

8) Put up a small business where we could earn a passive income.

9) Update our Pag-ibig and Philhealth contributions. And keep SSS updated.

10) Add up our investment portfolio. Diversify.

11) Set aside at least 10% of our monthly income to a separate savings account. Before, since we have mutual fund investment and variable life insurance policies, we opted not to set a monthly savings. This time I’ve decided to really start this one. (That’s why it gets me pissed off whenever Drew has another episode of impulse buying just because it’s on “SALE”. A sale for me is below BD 10. A sale for him is as long as it’s on sale, even if it amounts to a freakin’ BD 50, he’d buy it! It could have already added up to our savings. It’s not a question of having extra money for it. It’s a question of putting your money to a better use. I could make a separate blog entry about that. *wink*)

12) Increase our mission support.

13) Cook more, dine out less.

14) Limit going to Starbucks. I’ve been planning this already long before. But now that I’ve actually found out that Starbucks is supporting “planned parenthood” and “same-sex marriage”, I now have all the reason to quit. I would not support a product from a Company which supports something I don’t believe in. Wait. But, please let me have Green tea frappe & iced white mocha once in a while. šŸ˜‚

15) Skydive!

16) Cruise.

17) Bring CJ to Disneyland or Universal Studios. I really want to take him to a theme park. When I went to Singapore in 2012, all I could think about is how I wish I brought CJ with me. He’d enjoy it.

18) All girls travel bonding. With my mom and my sister.

19) See Adele live. When I was in elementary and highschool, my ultimate dream was to see Spice Girls or Britney Spears live in concert. Good thing I’ve outgrown that already.

20) Start considering getting a credit card. Credit cards are very useful for travelling. But since I think I know myself too much and my (and Drew’s) shopping tendencies, that’s why I was not entertaining the idea at first.

21) Pay for CJ’s college tuition fee or atleast share a portion with my parents.

22) Get a property in Davao. Why Davao? Not only because it’s one of the safest cities in the world, but because this is my mom’s hometown.

23) Blog at least once a week.

24) Read the bible and actually finish it.

25) Minimize time spent on social media sites.

26) Have an executive check up, and consult an OB/GYN. I’m the type of person who avoids hospitals at all cost. I’m not fond of taking meds as well whenever I feel slight discomfort in my body. But if we’re serious in starting a family, then I need to check my health and fertility status.

27) Continue to focus on the positive things in my life. I am generally a happy person because I practice this “positivity pledge”.

28) Trust God for these things and pray for His will.

When I was in college, I tried writing a bucket list, and it’s a great feeling to look back on them and know that atleast 90% of them were realized. Here is the link:

Apolsky’s Bucket list (2007)

Deciding for my life have become a bit more complicated, now that I’m already married. I couldn’t just decide on my own (though I admit, sometimes I still do). I could not be the same spontaneous girl I used to be. Drew & I are still at a point where there are numerous cases of unwise spending. We would spend it for our friends, for our own luxuries, we still don’t have regard for the future. I just really pray that God would help us to overcome that stage. Yes we have been faithful in giving back our thites and offerings, but what about the other part of our expending? Has it been pleasing before God? Yes we have investments, but if emergency comes, we couldn’t just withdraw them. Yes we have properties in our name, but those were with the help of our parents and his aunt.

At 28, I want to take things more seriously. I need to focus on the bigger aspects. But these things could only be done if it’s the will of God. These goals may be shaken up if God takes some things away from my life. Our no. 1 goal should be to have a life pleasing before Him. There comes a time when I feel so contented with my life that I tell myself that it’s fine if God suddenly takes me away from this world (I’m sure of my salvation anyway). But there also comes a time when you need to reassess your life, if it was something you could be proud of. Not just for yourself, not for the people around you either, but has it been one pleasing before God?

28 ka na. May napatunayan ka na ba?” 

I give all my account to the Lord…


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